Thursday, December 24, 2009

Foods in Singapore

The biggest attraction of Singapore is a wide variety of foods. Chinese and Indian cuisines meet each other with local Malay twists. Various local Chinese cuisines (including Sichuan hotpot to mutton soup from northen China) are also available. Plus, the influx of foreigners from various countries expands the range of options available from proper Western cuisine to Burmese (see this post). Stylish cafe chains from other countries in East Asia open their branch in Singapore: Trung Nguyen Coffee from Vietnam serving Vietnamese coffee; Emperor Love from Taiwan serving green tea.

The restaurant scene appears to be changing quite quickly. If you wonder which restaurant to go, check out Hungrygowhere to read reviews by gourmet Singaporeans. Below are Singaporean meals that I managed to try during my stay. There are, however, much more in Singapore. (I couldn't try chili crab, for example.)

Chicken Rice: Slowly boiled chicken and rice cooked in the resulting chicken broth. Yummy.

Laksa: A spicy noodle soup. Both Time Out and Wallpaper* city guides for Singapore praise 328 Katong Laksa as the best restaurant for laksa, but it's not really worth traveling all the way to East Coast Road, half an hour bus ride from the city center. If you still want to try this place, beware that its address is no longer 328 East Coast Road. It's 216 East Coast Road.

Kway Teow: Stir-fried noodle in Malay style.

Black carrot cake: Stir-fried daikon (Japanese radish) with soy-sauce. There is a white version that's without soy-sauce.

Fish head curry: See this post.

I also had Kueh Pie Tee, Otah, and Popiah, all of which are more of snack foods.

I'm quite impressed by the depth of Singaporean cuisine.

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