Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Open Page by Lenzman featuring Riya

One of the most beautiful tunes in the drum & bass scene right now. The dark base line, the jazzy piano, the melancholy but still positive vocal, and the beautiful hi-hat beats all create a soothing, aesthetic atmosphere.
  Lenzman - Open Page (feat. Riya) - Metalheadz by Lenzman

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Il Cafe

A nice cafe finally found in Stockholm. It's called Il Cafe. Their coffee is properly brewed. Their panini sandwiches are properly toasted. The menu is interesting. Although they run out of them today (they say it's because of the new year), they offer southern Italy pesto mozzarella sandwiches. The pesto is usually the one from Genoa. In the drink menu, they have to die dreaming, Dominican milky orange juice (if this webpage is correct).

What's more, Il Cafe's interior creates a unique atmosphere with Finsta's graffiti. Unlike many other fastidiously stylish places in Stockholm, however, it maintains a laid-back vibe. And the unisex small toilet is wonderful. The wall is full of graffiti, but for some reason it looks arty as a whole. Some of the graffiti messages are witty, making you smile while you are doing your thing.

There's one problem, though. Just like any other nice places in Stockholm, the cafe is quite busy. It's better to arrive early for lunch. Arriving at 11 am on Sunday, only one table was left.

Everybody flocks to a nice place in Stockholm. There's no hidden gem in this city.