Thursday, February 06, 2003

Mini Disk Walkman Stolen

Attend the job market seminar. As I'm sleepy due to last night's nightout, I completely don't understand the paper...

Send e-mail to the authors of Alvarez, Cheibub, Limongi, and Przeworski (1996) (see yesterday) to ask some questions on their dataset.

This week's speaker in Research Strategy Seminar is Enrico. His research is about how the agency problem inside financial institutions (i.e. between managers and employees) affects risk-taking behavior of those institutions. It's quite interesting!

Attend Economic Theory Workshop. It's a law and economics paper. Again, I'm unable to understand the paper because I'm sleepy... I'm interested in law and economics, but I don't have knowledge of law at all. So I cannot do anything. I want to meet someone who knows law, wants to do some economic analysis, but doesn't know much about economics.

After the seminar, I realize that my Mini Disk Walkman disappeared from my desk in STICERD. I left it yesterday when I left the School. Oh, my God. It was stolen... I e-mail everyone in STICERD to make sure that it's not just moved to someone's desk or somewhere for some reasons...