Thursday, May 19, 2011

Work permit extension

As my work permit will expire at the end of August, I posted my application for its extension today. The Migrationsverket (Sweden's immigration office) apparently wants to pick a fight with foreign researchers. In the application form for foreign visiting researchers, one field to fill in is entitled:

Permanent address in Sweden

I moved in April of 2009, June of 2010, and September of 2010. I'm moving next month, at the end of July, and next May. What is my permanent address in Sweden?

(If you don't understand why I --- and most foreigners in Sweden --- have moved, and will move, so often in Sweden, see this post.)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Alaska & Seba - Back from Eternity

A lovely liquid funk tune from the year of 2006. A high-quality MP3 file (or a WAV file) can be purchased at Beatport.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


It seems not well-known (yet), but Hälsingborg is perhaps one of the best middle-range restaurants in Stockholm. Try their "Forest" three-course dinner set (the damage: 465 kronor). The starter makes use of umami of mushroom to its full extent (which is quite rare in the Swedish dining scene; they don't understand the fifth taste of umami). The main course is le gibier of wild boar. And the dessert is a well-done chocolate mousse (I love it even though I usually don't like the taste of chocolate).

The restaurant is located very close to the Arlanda Express train platform of Central Station. If you are a visitor to Stockholm and look for the last-minute dinner before heading to the Arlanda Airport, this is a place to go.