Thursday, December 24, 2009

An example of multi-cultural Singapore

Far East Plaza, the shopping mall popular for fashion-conscious teens, has a restaurant called Sakura Cuisine that serves halal Thai Chinese foods. (Sakura is a Japanese word for cherry blossom.) I see a queue of head-scarfed girls in front of the restaurant.


Liting said...

chanced upon your blog while searching for info on sakura. just wanna say tt am quite impressed with the detailed observations u made about SG (including some surprises for me, a singaporean). Hope u've had a great time in SG and hope you'll return!

Masa said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I'm curious about what surprised you. Would you mind letting me know?

Liting said...


Never knew there is such an innovative mosque in SG. And despite going to Expo for umpteenth times, I never noticed how sophisticated the architecture is. And..didnt know kaya is termed as coconut jam overseas! I find it odd cos the smell and taste come mostly from pandan..