Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fashion for youngsters in Singapore

To my surprise, Singaporean girls do not follow one particular trend in fashion. Each of them wears whatever they want to wear, it seems. For one thing, the tropical climate that ensures temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year constrains the variety of wearable clothes. For another, a bit like London, Singapore is a multi-cultural society that makes it difficult for one particular style to be popular for everyone.

After visiting several shopping malls on and off Orchard Street, the most fashion-conscious girls appear to flock Far East Plaza. A variety of numerous budget boutiques each of which presents different styles are housed in a rather outdated decor of the shopping mall. Inside the mall and on the way to Far East Plaza on Scotts Road from the crossing with Orchard Road, you see distinctive-looking (by Singaporean standards) teenagers one of whom I take picture of (see above).

The Heeren shopping mall on Orchard Road offers more of a cheap imitation of Tokyo's latest fashion. Far East Plaza seems to me more interesting.

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