Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why blog? (continued)

In a response to last Wednesday's post, a reader named Chen kindly left the following comment:

Blogging is more than telling people stuff. It is more about bloggers themselves. For economists, writing or giving opinions should be a huge part of career. To bad, Ph.D. training does not entail many of the writing training. Blogging is definitely a good way to do that. [...]
This reminded me of two things I totally forgot. Yes, blogging makes you a better writer. Yes, economists need to write and give opinions in their career.

These days I find it a bit difficult to orally express my ideas. I guess it has something to do with the recent infrequency of updating my blog. You may say there is a logical jump here. The above comment talks about writing, not speaking. For me, it's closely connected. I'm no doubt less good than the average people at transforming ideas in my mind into words understandable for other people. Without incessant practice of this transformation, my skill at it naturally deteriorates. (And this is the biggest factor for my kind of depression.) As I'm not the kind of guy who hang out with other people every day and keep talking to them nonstop, only blogging forces me to express something.

By the way, I have a question for you, Chen. Why do you think "some people out there are actually interested in [my] life"? Unless my life is somewhat unusual, this won't be the case. What aspect of my life is not totally predictable?


Sean said...

Hi Masa

I think people read not only due to distinctiveness. People also read your blog as they find that they too can relate to your experiences or perspectives.

Alberto said...

When I came across your blog for the first time I felt literally catched by the sensitivity and the aura of sincerity surrounding your thoughts. Reading your blog is in a way similar to following a anime series. There's the main character, there's his dream and there are contextualized situations. The outcome of the whole story may be predictable, but not the way it develops.
I just know that as long as you're able to write down your feelings in the honest way you do it, I'll just want to read them.