Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why blog?

I've started wondering what is the point of blogging when being a blogger is fast becoming like watching a blockbuster movie at a cinema or on a DVD, eating cheese or chocolate, drinking pints of beer, listening to the Beatles or Morzart, or having an i-Pod?

The reason I like reading someone else's blog is this: I can get to know what life is like for the kind of people I would never meet. Even when I meet them, they usually don't talk about their life at a deep level. I always annoy someone I first met by asking questions on what their life is like. On weblogs, however, they talk about such deep stuff when they feel like doing so. So I can enjoy knowing it as well.

I rarely understand someone else's preference as it is more often than not quite different from mine (who the hell loves drum & bass?). So I cannot understand what kind of blog will please many people. The only guideline for blogging is, therefore, what kind of blog will please me. Given what I wrote in the previous paragraph, consequently, I should blog about my life.

The life of a PhD student, however, is quite boring and depressing. It's a simple life that can easily be depicted in a cartoon like Piled Higher and Deeper.

I used to be a guy who always tries to be different from anyone else. Being a PhD student for almost four years has gradually made me forget about it. I can't find a way to make this blog different.

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chen said...

Blogging is more than telling people stuff. It is more about bloggers themselves. For economists, writing or giving opinions should be a huge part of career. To bad, Ph.D. training does not entail many of the writing training. Blogging is definitely a good way to do that. It is not easy to come up with novel ideas everyday. Regular blogging trains the brain as well.

Also, just like you said, some people out there are actually interested in your life. Keep blogging, please.