Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chase and Status - 'Duppy Man'

The second instalment of the Let-Everyone-Listen-At-Least-Once-To-Drum-and-Bass campaign. :)

One reason for why the majority of people don't listen to drum & bass is its instrumental nature. Most drum & bass tracks feature no vocals. The majority do not like music without someone singing.

Things seem to begin changing in the drum & bass scene these days. More and more vocal tunes are produced - a good example is Shy FX and T-Power's 'Feelings'. Pendulum, an Australian trio emerging in the drum & bass scene during the past couple of years, put out 'Tarantula', which broke into top 50 of the UK Official Chart a few months ago.

Now you have this: Chase & Status 'Duppy Man' (listen to a sample). This track is a good example of how drum & bass meets dancehall reggae. It hits the top spot in BBC 1Xtra drum & bass chart this week. Listen, then you'll decide whether you like it or not. Do not hate it without listening to it.


KIMURA said...

Hi. How R U doing?
I've tried several Drum'N'Base album for the 1st time during this summer.

I sensed DNB was like Rock music rhythm.
Its BPM (Beat Per Munite) would be closer to Rock rather than Hip Hop that I'd been used to listened to. But I really like its base line. and now I'm a big fan of DJ Hype. His play is amazing. I'm going to try his other album from now on.


Masayuki said...

Hi, Kimura-kun. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked DNB. You're right. DNB's BPM is quite fast, about twice as fast as hip hop. But it's very diverse, absorbing elements of almost all music genres, rock, hip hop, reggae, latin, jazz, techno, trance ... So the fat, deep bass line is almost the only thing that characterizes DNB nowadays.

I like DJ Hype as well. He visits Japan (Tokyo or Osaka) from time to time. Check him out. He's better in a nightclub than in a studio.