Monday, September 19, 2005

Shy FX & T Power - 'Feelings'

I've decided to launch Let-Everyone-Listen-At-Least-Once-To-Drum-and-Bass campaign. I believe that drum & bass is one of the few music genres right now where creativity keeps sparking. But its exposure to a wider audience is limited. You may not like it. But also you may like it. You never know unless you listen to it at least once in your life.

So the first instalment is Shy FX & T Power's 'Feelings'. This track has been big in the club scene during the past few months. A passionate female vocal with latin-flavoured drum & bass beats and '60s rock keyboards. Sounds interesting, yeah? Click here to watch the promo video! (If you have a narrowband connection, then click here instead.) Ignore the first 30 seconds. It's just a commercial.

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