Thursday, November 03, 2005

Presentation postponed

My presentation, scheduled a week on Monday (14th), is postponed to the first week of next term. A job market candidate who was supposed to present next Monday takes my slot as another job market candidate also presents his work at the same time next Monday in a different PhD student seminar (the macroeconomics field), dividing LSE faculty members as the audience. For job market candidates, giving presentations at this time of the year is a practice for their job talks early next year. So it's good for them to have as many faculty members as possible in the audience and to have them provide critical comments. Since last year, the LSE faculty has got more serious on the placement of their job market candidates (that's my impression). So their presentations are given higher priority than mine.

Which is very lucky to me. I was still struggling to find what I could talk about a week on Monday. I repeatedly thought about cancelling the presentation. Now I can cancel it for a good reason. Hooray!

(If you don't know anything about "job market candidates", have a look at this guide, and you'll know what job hunting for economics PhD graduates is like.)

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