Friday, October 01, 2010

Taking taxi in Stockholm on Friday afternoon

I went to Ikea to buy a desk for my apartment. On the way back, I took a cab.

It was around half past three in the afternoon. The highway was pretty busy. Swedes seem to leave office quite early on Friday. The taxi driver decided to get off from the highway and took an alternative route. The taxi fare meter kept the number rising and rising. What's the point of going to Ikea to buy a cheap, big furniture if bring it home by taxi costs more than the furniture?

Then the taxi driver, still on the way to my apartment, asked me if my company would pay the fare. I said no. Then he stopped the meter at 450 krona (48.6 euro), saying, "Friday afternoon is the bad time to take a cab. I didn't expect to take this long route."

It's perhaps something good about Stockholm.

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