Saturday, October 02, 2010

Du Chef

Yesterday I found a nice lunch place in Hammerby sjöstad. Du Chef, a tapas restaurant in the evening, serves Swedish lunch, charging 85 krona between 11:00 and 12:30 or 75 krona before 11am or after 12:30. (This pricing scheme reveals when Swedes have lunch most likely: quite early.)

As usual for lunch in Sweden, you pick a main dish (either meat, fish, or vegetarian), help yourself at a salad buffet, and slice bread on your own. Of course, an unlimited amount of coffee (or tea bags with warm, not hot, water) is included in the price.

But the main dish (skewered salmon with grönsaksris, which is supposed to be stir-fried rice with vegetable but tastes like vegetable pilaf, and skärgårdsröra, which seems to be one of the Swedish specialties, made of cream cheese, finely chopped anchovy or shrimps, chives, and finely chopped boiled eggs) tastes good. Certainly better than any of the lunch places in my workplace.

If you are around in the area of Sickla Udde around the lunch time, don't miss it.

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