Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skogskyrkogården in winter

Last summer I visited Skogskyrkogården. I visit the Woodland Cemetery again today, when the temperature has been below zero for the past one month or so. It turns out that the Cemetery completely changes its face in winter, perhaps more beautiful and thoughtful.

All the white LED-illuminated trees in Tokyo become a lame once you see all these trees.

And I understand why Erik Gunnar Asplund designed the cemetery as the woods. With tall trees looking down tomb stones, the bereaved who visit this cemetery realize that, no matter how sad their loss is, it is a small, integral part of nature, the fact that helps them accept the loss.

 When I look up, the view looks as if I were watching an abstract painting.

Pictured above: The sidewalk on the road connecting the Cemetery and the metro station

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