Monday, July 13, 2009

Skogskyrkogården (and Pizzeria Pergola)

The Woodland Cemetery in the south of Stockholm. These photos do not do justice to this UNESCO World Heritage site. It seems like I forgot taking photo when I was really struck by the beauty of the cemetery. The cemetery was designed by Swedish architects in the early 20th century. Here grave stones are all small and modest (see the third picture above), placing the surroundings at the center stage. A stark contrast to Milan's Cimitero Monumentale.

Across the street from the exit of the nearest T-bana station (Skogskyrkogården) is a pizzeria called Pergola (Address: Gamla Dalarövägen 56). It looks like a place targeting tourists who don't know where to go so it will survive with mediocre foods. Don't let its appearance put you off, however. Their pizza is excellent. It's a great way of learning how pizza is served in Stockholm: it always comes with what Swedes call pizza salad (shredded white cabbages marinated in dressing overnight) and the choice of pizza ranges from standard Italian ones to Mexican salsa pizza, from "pizza del mal" topped with Swedes' favorite crayfish to Turkish kebab pizza. Usually, the taste of pizza in Stockholm is rather straightforward (I mean it's good but not impressive). But Pergola's pizza tastes impressive.

I still cannot believe that I found it the best pizzeria in Stockholm...

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