Monday, August 27, 2007

Swedish pocket dictionary and Ikea

Briefly visit the Institute to check email at 9am. Then head for Gallerian's Teknik Magasinet to return the stupid electronic dictionary. They pleasantly accept my claim for refund. Then I walk to Akademibokhandeln to buy Norstedts's pocket English-Swedish Swedish-English dictionary which contains 32,000 words for each language, 12,000 more than the stupid electronic dictionary. This is a must-have for any English speakers living in Sweden.

Today I plan to go to Ikea, but I have a bit of time before the bus to Ikea comes. So I stop by at Cervera on Regeringsgatan, next to NK. From outside, the store looks like just a crockery store. But it has a huge lower ground floor where a lot more kitchenwares are available along with lamps. The basement is connected to another homeware shop John Wall, whose range of bathroom items is probably among the widest in Stockholm. I need to come here again when I have plenty of time.

Opposite Cervera is Hemtex, a bedlinen store. Just a brief browse assures me that I need to come here again.

Take the Ikea free shuttle bus at 11am. Many other people are also on the bus. It takes around 20 minutes to the Ikea store.

The Ikea store is worth visiting for buying bed mattresses and duvets. A wide range of them is available and you can try each out. But after being exposed to the high standard of Stockholm's homeware on the market, most Ikea goods look rather boring. But when the design happens to be good, it's a real value for money. I buy a nice shower curtain.

Meatball with lingonberries jam at the third floor restaurant is excellent, by the way.

Finish shopping by 3:30pm. Take the free shuttle bus to the city center with a rolled king-sized bed mattress on my shoulder.

Back at home, continue unpacking the UPS boxes delivered yesterday. When it's finished, my flat doesn't look much different than before. A huge storage space absorbs most of my belongings. Great.

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