Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shopping Spree

Go to Södermalm again, but this time its western part. After checking out David Design's concept store at Sankt Paulsgatan 27 (which is not so impressive), walk down to JFK Shop, a Japanese food store. Find a rice cooker manufactured by a Japanese company. The shop owner, a middle-aged Japanese guy, is a rather pleasant person.

Having visited all the major homeware stores in Stockholm and checked what's available at what price, I'm now ready for shopping spree. After paying 5 krona for using a public toilet at T-Centralen station (it seems almost all public toilets in Stockholm cost 5 krona to use), I buy the following:

Black, heart-shaped oven mitt at Design Torget

Screw driver, adjustable spanner, disposable washing gloves at Clas Ohlson

Clear-blue soap bar at Muji in Åhlens at Gallerian

Lime green bathroom mattress at John Wall

Black laundry bag at Granit in NK

Wooden turner at NK

Renova's lime green toilet rolls at Stockhome

Lime green basket at Village

Wilfa black kettle at Åhlens City

I will upload photos of some of these in the future.

During the shopping, have lunch at Souperb in Gallerian (tasty green curry chicken soup for 65kr with rice and bread and soft drink included) and pay another 5 krona coin to use toilet at NK.

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