Saturday, July 14, 2007


Imagine you are NOT from an Anglo-Saxon country. So rock musicians from your country are never famous world-wide.

Then two of the best rock stars for you back in school days, each the leader of a hugely popular rock band in your country, form a new group more than 10 years on, play the first gig, not in your home country but in Los Angeles, in front of screaming American fans.

How would you feel?

Well, this happened to me:

And it's not just rock music but also pianos, violin, and shamisen (a Japanese traditional guitar).

This is the final answer from Japan's rock music to the world. And here's more information on S.K.I.N. from a blog run by an American Japan's rock music fan.

In case you know the term "visualkei" by reading French Vogue or watching a German tv program, they are the best "visualkei" rock musicians.

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Rae said...

Hey, I saw this link on the stats page. Thanks for linking the condensed profile of S.K.I.N.

By the way, have fun in Japan. :)