Friday, July 06, 2007

Commix - Strictly (Metalheadz)

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Commix has produced a couple of wicked tunes recently. This is one of them. His album is forthcoming from Metalheadz, Goldie's imprint. Watch this space.

This is a test post. As drum & bass tunes are of high quality these days, I should do something to let this be known to a wider audience. With the help of Blogmusik, I will start a music blog dedicated to drum & bass. If you click the above embedded music player, you will hear the tune, recorded from BBC Radio 1 programme hosted by Fabio on 23 June 2007. So it contains a couple of jingles of BBC Radio 1. This may be annoying, but this should be enough for you to appreciate the music and to buy drum & bass tracks.

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