Friday, November 25, 2005

A French dinner with Kotono at Victoire Pierre

It's been more than a month since I had dinner with Kotono last time.

Tonight we have a French dinner at Victoire Pierre, probably the one and only French restaurant in London that's affordable. It is a fantastic dinner. Especially what Kotono ordered is all big hits: mussels in tomato soup for a starter and duck with burgundy sauce for a main dish. My starter, foie grass, is excellent while my main dish, salmon fillets with cauliflowers in white sauce, is too peppery...

Kotono, a violinist, is going to compose several tracks and release an album from an independent record label next year. She says she wants to make music that's comfy but not cheesy. So I say, "Why not liquid funk, smooth drum & bass?"

Unexpectedly she shows her interest in this underground genre of music. I'm going to send her MP3 files of liquid funk to inspire her creativity. That's exciting!

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Coty said...

Hi! Thank you for mentioning about me. I've heard the CD. very intersting and so different than what I'm use to. I don't know how it'll sound with a violin but I'll try it out!