Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Japanese dinner with Kotono at Hazuki

Had a Japanese dinner with Kotono at Hazuki, a Japanese restaurant near Charing Cross station.

It was a fantastic dinner. I now declare that Hazuki is one of the best affordable Japanese restaurants in London, alongside Yanbaru. We had a huge number of dishes - salmon roe with grated radish, deep-fried tofu, grilled ox tongue, assorted tempura, deep-fried oysters, and, among others, grilled samma (Pacific saury - the fish of autumn in Japan), which I haven't eaten in the past three years as I didn't go back to Japan in autumn since I started my life in London.

You see? This is the Japanese-style - or Far East style - dinner. Share dishes among many and taste a wide variety of dishes at once. Europeans never understand this.

For dessert we had green tea icecream. This is NOT a typical Japanese dessert, I must say. It's only popular at Japanese restaurants outside Japan. Having said that, the icecream was delicious. Kotono especially liked it.

She is a violinist and I a drum & bass maniac. As I blatantly argued before in this blog (I forgot when it was, though) that classical music and drum & bass are closest cousins, our conversation never stops, especially when it is about music.

Good foods and good talk. An excellent dinner.

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