Sunday, May 01, 2005

Macondo on Hoxton Square

Had brunch with Sean at Macondo (Unit B2, 8 & 9 Hoxton Square, N1, phone: 020 7729 1119).

Along with dishes, we engaged in a little FAKE cultural exchange: I ordered a soft drink called Agua de Jamaica; Sean from Jamaica ordered a cocktail called Kamikaze. Neighther originates from each country. :)

The second time to come to this nice little cafe/bar/restaurant on trendy (and dodgy at night) Hoxton Square. Although the service is a bit too relaxed, food is good and value for money (three dishes of your choice for 6.50 pounds). The decor is quite relaxing with comfortable sofas and chairs. I like this relaxed atmospher.

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Sean said...

yes. This was very fun!