Saturday, April 30, 2005

My home-made Chinese dumplings

Invited to Cheyok and Joel's home party. (I guess "home party" is a Japanese English. Google "home party". You'll see two of the first ten websites written in Japanese...)

Brought home-made gyoza, or Chinese dumplings. Incredibly popular among guests. :) The third time I cooked them for someone else. (My blog posts in archives for the first time and for the second time.) They're always popular.


Your student from EC307 said...

Hey, hey...
what's the use saying they're good if you aren't ready to share the recipe? I'm game to learn, if you can spare the time... :))

Linus said...

Hmmm maybe its a good way of pulling some babes...I will have to try making Singaporu Gyoza!