Saturday, April 02, 2005

London Bus drivers

London Bus drivers are sometimes mental.

I was waiting for a bus to come at a bus stop near Bethnal Green tube station today. As happens very often with London Buses, two buses came at the same time.

(Digression: You might think this was due to jammed traffic. You are wrong. The bus stop near my home in London is the second bus stop from the one end of a bus route. So buses coming from that end of the route shouldn't be affected by traffic congestion. Still, I sometimes see two buses coming in a row. It's not traffic. It's drivers. What happens in bus garages is likely to be that a bus driver is having a chat with his colleagues, forgetting his departure time. Then the driver of the next bus comes to him and says, "Why are you still here? It's time for me to leave the garage!" So they come together.)

Anyway, I chose to get on the second bus as there were a lot of people queuing to ride on the first bus. (Another reason is that the second bus often overtakes the first one before I end the 10 minute bus journey to my home.) The driver of the second bus didn't open the entrance door. I knocked the door. He ignored me. When the first bus left the bus stop, this second bus also left.

What's the point of this? Why are passengers not allowed to get on the second bus in a row? My jaw dropped into the underground...


Anonymous said...

Public transport is the worst. Love the new updates. See my latest entry and comment!


Anonymous said...

Lol...teh public transport is worse than in 3rd world countries...i come form kenya and teh 'matatus' (mini vans that are used as buses) and even they manage to do a better job in terms of getting ppl to place on time and not to mention that they want the business so will leave the doors open for you to hop-on and hop-off with teh tkt tut just by teh door collectin teh fare....oh yeah and its cheap 20p. oh yeah and did i mention that the bus drivers are rought drivers probably worse than some one teh motor bikers i see around in central london. I was involved in an accident involving teh london buses...ended up in hospital with a head injury and internal bleeding while crossing teh road at trafiic lights near Peacock theatre abt 13 months ago. What sucks is that it will take more than 6 years to get any kinda of hearing at teh law courts and teh word on teh street is that London Transport never lose a case...cant wait to prove them wrong...