Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shoe laces

I didn't know that shoe repair shops are the place to buy shoe laces...

I needed to replace shoe laces for one pair of my shoes. Initially, I thought I could get one by visiting shoe shops. So I went to Neal Street, Covent Garden, where lots of shoe shops are clustered (see this page for more). Among ten shops or so, only two shops had shoe laces. And the choice was quite limited. I wanted to have thin shoe laces, usually used for boots or leather shoes, because I was sure thin laces would fit my shoes perfectly though the original one was not so thin. But none of these shops had thin laces.

On another day, I went to Church's, a posh shoe shop on Regent Street. They didn't have any. Then I went down to Harvey Nichols, a stylish department store near the famous Harrods. Their shoe shop didn't have laces either. A shop attendant there told me I should go to a shoe repair shop.

I had no idea where shoe repair shops are located. I grabbed my Time Out Shopping Guide and spotted a shoe repair shop called Krantz and Son (180 Drury Lane).

Today I went there and found the most wide-ranging (in terms of length, colour, and design) stock of shoe laces. I bought a pair of 120cm thin shoe laces for 2.45 quid. Going home and replacing the old laces with this new ones, and voila! My shoes now look better than before!

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