Saturday, April 19, 2014

Memory 03: First Love

While my life at the kindergarten sucked more or less, it was also the time I learned about the feeling of liking someone of opposite sex.

Pupils at my kindergarten went to the school in the morning together with others and their parents in the same neighbourhood. There was a girl, two years senior and naturally taller than me, who was very nice to me. Since I'm an only child and has no one of similar age among my relatives, it was my first experience of meeting an elder sister. I liked her. But I was a shy kid to the extent that I couldn't communicate my classmates.

She graduated by the end of the academic year, and I never met her again ever since.

This episode would repeat for the rest of my life in two ways: I'm attracted to a girl older (and often taller) than me; and I don't try to keep in touch with someone I'm fond of.

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