Saturday, April 16, 2011

DJ Fresh - Future Jungle EP

DJ Fresh has been a very productive and successful producer of drum & bass music in the past decade. Such an artist could have become conservative, sticking to his own style that is known to be successful. However, Fresh keeps reinventing himself, and his latest release, Future Jungle EP, pushes the frontier of drum & bass even further. In particular, the tracks entitled Ice Cream and Arkanoid are the new kind of sound that cross-breads jungle and dubstep and lets it grow under the parenthood of the early 1990s rave music. Listen to the official teaser:

  Fresh - Ice Cream - Future Jungle EP by RAM Records

  Fresh - Arkanoid - Future Jungle EP by RAM Records

If you love this sound, click here to purchase the EP (or each single track) as high-quality MP3 files at Beatport. (Beatport is my favorite music download site for club music.) It's on sale at iTune, too.

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