Saturday, March 26, 2011

H&M Spring 2011 ad campaign

Just when a "spring" arrived in Stockholm earlier this week (NB: temperature above 5 degrees Celsius feels like a spring in Sweden), H&M launched its new ad campaign. The ads like those two shown above are everywhere in Stockholm.

And I liked these two pictures without knowing that the model is a super famous fashion model named Gisele Bundchen. Was it because of her celebrity aura or because of H&M's clothes? You might think it was the former, but I actually think it was the latter. As evidence I didn't like her other ad photos.

A loose silhouette accentuated with a couple of tightened parts (the top and bottom edges of the jumpsuit or the waist part of the dress) is certainly IN this season. Those girls who manage to incorporate this rule in their fashion clearly stand out in the crowd in Stockholm.

It's interesting to see if girls in Stockholm will flock to this trend or keep their 4-year-old (at least) trend of wearing a cropped black jacket with a long white t-shirt covering the whole hip (with black shiny leggings attached since two years ago), when the real spring finally arrives in late April.

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