Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fast food in Stockholm

The latest issue (Issue 32) of Monocle magazine touches on the subject of fast food in Stockholm. It introduces three decent fast food joints in Sweden's capital: La Neta (for authentic Mexican tacos), Hantverkargatan 14 (quality deli), and Steam (for dumplings to take away). Talking about La Neta, they say, "It brings some much-needed colour to the city's fast food scene... Swedes are the second-biggest consumers of TexMex in Europe after Norway, so no wonder it's always packed."

Not again. Good places are always packed in this city... I'm discouraged to visit La Neta for lunch today.

I checked the locations of these three places. They are all out of my usual sphere of activity. Maybe I live and work in wrong parts of Stockholm...

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