Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cafe Etienne Marcel

The first thing to do during the weekend stay in Paris is to have a quality lunch. Flying from Stockholm with Ryanair on the Saturday morning does not allow me to eat something until 3 pm (except a piece of croissant at the airport). As I keep suffering from uninspiring lunches in Stockholm, I have to go to a place that serves a quality lunch.

Picked out from the list of "sexy" places in Paris featured in a Japanese magazine Invitation (the July 2008 issue) is this cafe:

I wish Stockholm had this kind of cafe. Then I would frequent it over weekends.

Cafe Etienne Marcel is open everyday from 7 am to 2 am, serving food all day. The cafe is full of contemporary art-ish furniture. It's not really packed on the Saturday late afternoon, which allows me to relax. And most importantly they serve quality food. A simple dish of omelettes (9 euro) comes with fresh green leaves alongside tasty salad dressing. It costs 9 euro with a basket of unpreteniously tasty bread included. Cafe latte also tastes good.

If it were in Stockholm, the cafe would be packed even on the late afternoon, it would close by 6 pm over the weekends, green leaves would be half rotten, salad dressing would have got its taste wrong, bread would taste uninspiring, and coffee would taste unpleasantly sour.

Well, perhaps I'm insulting the cafe culture of Paris if I compare it with that in Stockholm...

(This is the first blog entry on my weekend trip to Paris in 2010. Click here to the next entry.)

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