Friday, December 25, 2009

Changi Airport

Singapore's Changi Airport deserves a few praises.

1. Wireless broadband internet is available for free of charge. (All the airports in the world should follow suit). To get a logging-in detail, go to the information desk with your passport.

2. Unlike other airports, departing passengers in Terminal 3 first go through the passport control and, after walking a lot to the boarding gate, go through the security checkpoint located in front of a group of boarding gates. It is a clever idea to reduce the notorious congestion at the security checkpoint all the other major airports suffer from.

3. After going through the passport control in Terminal 3, there is a food court for you to taste the last Singaporean cuisine (located in Transit Mall Level 3). Prima Taste Kitchen serves a wide variety of Singaporean cuisine with its famous (a bit pricey though) ready-to-cook sauce kit for each dish on the shelf for your souvenir. You won't end up leaving Singapore with the last meal being a sandwich.

4. The interior design is quite pleasant:

Terminal 3 checking-in area (above); A waiting lounge for boarding gates (right)

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