Monday, November 23, 2009

Newark Airport

I use Continental Airlines whenever I fly to the US from Stockholm. Which means I use Newark Liberty International Airport (1 hour drive from New York City) as a transit quite often. With a long transit time, I can then venture into New York City.

On the way back from Texas to Stockholm, this time I feel too exhausted to venture into New York City even though I have 6 hours of transit. So I explore the airport a bit. I learn two good things about this airport.

If you're in Terminal C and have plenty of time until your flight departure, head for gate C124. From the floor-to-ceiling windows near gate C124, you will have a perfect view of New York City's skyline in the distance.

Also, the food court near gate C124 has one excellent food stall called Sarku Japan. I tried their chicken teriyaki with steamed rice. They serve just cooked chicken teriyaki and stir-fried vegetables with perfectly steamed rice (I mean, they make just right the amount of water for steaming rice) in a generous portion. Five dollars 66 cents filled my stomach with a pleasant feeling left.

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