Saturday, July 11, 2009

Southern half of Friedrichshain

After enjoying the Stalinist architecture on Karl-Max-Alle, I head down to the south to walk on Simon-Dach-Strasse, a street famous for its endless series of restaurants, none of them, however, look very attractive.

Following Wallpaper* City Guide's recommendation, I turn the corner into Simplonstrasse and have dinner at Schneeweiss (Simplonstrasse 16). White is the theme color of this restaurant, serving reasonably priced dishes. As the menu is all in German, I follow the recommendation of a skillful, working-hard bartende. His mojito royal is marvelous, by the way. Wiener Schnitzel is pleasantly tasty, and my bill is 21 euro.

At the south end of Simon-Dach-Strasse runs Revaler Strasse, which turns out to be Berlin's third boho area. The brick-walled premises on the south side of the street host an open-air bar surrounded by thriving weed and the abandoned brick warehouses decorated with graffiti.

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