Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Daily Telegraph on drum and bass

An Economics Editor of the Daily Telegraph, UK's conservative broadsheet newspaper, has a blog post on drum and bass (or DnB for short). Since DnB is my favorite music, I can say something about the post. The article is so not up-to-date to the current scene of DnB, but the following paragraph is right on about this genre of dance music:

There are few other genres of dance music - or sub-genres rather - that can cover such an expanse as DnB - from the bone shaking dance hits that ravish clubs to the slow, meditative intensely jazzy DnB that flourished in the late 1990s. DnB is about plenty of things - about playing with form, about confronting expectations, but the more you drill into it the less it is really about either the drums or the bass.
The article is outdated because it recommends Goldie, Roni Size, and LTJ Bukem to the uninitiated. They are great legends of DnB, but this music has evolved a lot since those mid-1990s stars. I would recommend Pendulum (if you like rock music), Chase & Status (if you like electro music in general), and High Contrast (if you like movie soundtracks or classical music). And to keep up with the latest scene, check out BBC Radio 1 programme Fabio & Grooverider (you can listen to the latest show online on demand).

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