Monday, December 15, 2008

Suburban Chengdu

Photos that I took in the area to the north of South Western University of Finance and Economics (north-west Chengdu). Notice that many photos are foggy, and no one seems to know whether Chengdu is foggy all day because of natural fog or smog. (Chengdu is traditionally famous for foggy weather.)

01: A convenience store chain ubiquitous in Chengdu, where I keep buying Gogo no Kocha Milk Tea (produced by a Japanese beverage company Kirin), my favorite bottled milk tea back in my high school days.
02: The gate of a residential complex. There are quite a few residential complexes like this one in Chengdu where high-rise buildings surround a square that functions as a parking lot and as a playground for kids.
03: A typical apartment building in Chengdu with green-white stripe roofs (no balcony though).
04: A bank branch. All the bank branches in China seem to have a long electric signboard which advertises financial items in scrolling messages.
05: A pedestrian crossing that leads to a signboard. Pedestrians need to walk outside the crossing to reach the sidewalk.


06: A covered food market surrounded by high-rise residential buildings.
07: High-rise residential buildings in Chengdu usually come with shops on the ground floor.
08: A trendy hair salon sandwiched by uninspiring shops.
09: A square with several restaurants.

10: A chaotic traffic crossing
11: Residential buildings with a rather well-maintained bus.
12: The gate of a middle school


13: The sun in the thickly foggy (or smoggy) sky in the afternoon
14: South Western University of Finance and Economics
15: Pedestrians waiting for the green light. Motorcyclists and bikers completely ignore traffic signals in China. Pedestrians therefore wait between car lanes and bike lanes.
16: Toy stores open late in the evening.

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