Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iberia Center for Contemporary Art

On the southern edge of the 798 District stands the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art. (E10 in the District map.)

The Center features a Chinese artist Li Qing.

Li Qing (2007) "Images of Partial Unity - Nanjing"

Displaying two pictures side by side with a few differences between the two characterizes most of Li's works.

Li Qing (2008) "Ping-pong No.2"

Red dots on the ping-pong table indicate where red-inked ping-pong ball landed during the ping-pong play between a player on the side with a map of China and the other player on the side with a map of the world.

The Iberia Center also houses a cafe with nice decor, great food that is NOT Chinese (including Spanish omelets, Thai chicken curry, and a decent cup of coffee), and wireless internet connection for free of charge.

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