Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Central Chengdu (Part III): Chunxi Road

The final destination of my half-day trip around central Chengdu is Chunxi Road (春照路), the city's main shopping street. It is the kind of ugly, tacky street every city in developed countries has, like Oxford Street in London and Drottningsgatan in Stockholm. Every travel guide for Chengdu seems to feature this street, but it's not really worth visiting. If I had visited the street in the evening, I might have had a different impression, though.


01: Probably the only old building in this area
02: China Keep Walking
03: An escalator (inside the Ito Yokado department store) with a yellow line in the middle separating the walking lane on the left and the standing lane on the right
04: An electric cooking gadget for Chinese people which saves the time for preparing broth from chicken bones etc. I've never seen something like this in Japan.
05: Ito Yokado, a Japanese department store chain

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