Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blue Whale coffee at a cafe in Chengdu Airport

There's only one cafeteria in Chengdu Airport. The first page of the menu lists a wide variety of coffee, ranging from Blue Mountain, Colombian, Brazilian, etc. The next page also lists a wide variety of coffee, ranging from Blue Whale, Icelandic, etc.

Blue Whale? Icelandic?

The waitress recommends Blue Whale coffee in her broken English. So I give it a try.

The above photo shows what she brings to me. First of all, it's iced coffee. Second, there's blue liquid below coffee in the glass. No wonder why it's called Blue Whale. The blue liquid turns out to be a kind of syrup. The proper way to drink this Blue Whale coffee is not to mix coffee with blue syrup. Just enjoy the unusual blue color at the bottom of the glass while you drink the iced coffee. If you stir the coffee, it starts tasting like something out of the earth. The 58 yuan (5.80 euro) that I paid for this coffee was the least value for money in China. :)

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