Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Added on August 17, 2008: I end up telling a lie to you...

I will stop updating Econoclasm.

As an assistant professor of economics, the number of things that distract me from publishing papers in academic journals of economics needs to be minimized. A trip back to Tokyo, and a great jazz performance in New Orleans, has invoked this kind of stoicism in my mind.

Occasionally, I may upload some photos especially when I make a trip. Also it may benefit myself to review development economics papers on this blog from time to time. But I cannot guarantee this.

I don't know how many of you read this blog, but thank you for your interest until today. I'll be back in six years time, after getting tenure as a professor of economics.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that in 6 years time nobody has weblogs anymore...
In any case, good luck!

(Stonemason of the York Minster)

Anonymous said...

I check your blog every single day for the past two years. It is sad to see it closed, but I am glad that it is for a good reason. May you have a wonderful career! Chen.

Sean said...

I was afraid this might happen. I totally understand. Wishing you the best of luck as always.