Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I still haven't really settled in Stockholm.

After finally opening a bank account last Wednesday, I tried to arrange the opening of my landline phone to use the Internet (my landlord does not allow me to open a fiber connection for the Internet). With help of an assistant at the Institute, I placed an order on the website of Telia, Sweden's telecommunication company, which is all in Swedish.

This morning someone from Telia is supposed to come to open my landline phone. So I wait at home in the morning.

Nobody shows up.

I call their customer service number 90200. The computerized message answers me IN SWEDISH. I wait for them to automatically connect to an operator. This never happens.

Come to the Institute, and ask a friendly Swedish PhD student sitting at the Institute to help me. Then I finally manage to talk to an operator. She says, "The appointment is this Friday morning."

Without any notice, they've changed the appointment time.

Opening a landline phone, and thus opening the Internet access at home, is delayed at least two days.

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Sean said...

I am surprised that everything in Swedish seems to be so difficult to do and so inefficient. This is certainly not the image that I has of the place. Oh well. Hope all is well otherwise.