Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Four

*** If you haven't read, please start reading from the 21 August post.***

Wait for UPS to come all day. As I can't go out, I think of how to make my flat look nicer. Put the television set and an uninspiring carpet into the wardrobe. Move the bed sofa to create a space for quality speakers that I plan to buy. Move the dinning table in the living room to use it as a desk. Think of what color should define each room of the flat, given the colour of the wall and the furniture already provided. It's just fun.

UPS doesn't show up by 6pm. Giving up, go to the ICA grocery store (and still unable to buy wheat flour), cook dinner, and go to the Institute to use the Internet.

Starting a new life in a foreign country is not that easy.

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