Monday, April 28, 2003

More Friends in Tokyo

I have lunch with Aoki-kun at Darjeeling (a reasonable and tasty Indian curry restaurant) in Hongo. He's my man since my master study at University of Tokyo.

In the evening I have dinner with Mihara-kun at Ken's Dining in Shinjuku. Later his girlfriend joins us. They are yet another ideal couple. I envy you guys. :-)

I say goodbye to them and then I go clubbing with Hanh and her friend Hang. They are Vietnamese girls living in Tokyo. None of my Japanese friends in Tokyo showed any interest in clubbing. This is Japan. It's really difficult to find someone who you can go clubbing together with.

Anyway, the reason I go clubbing tonight is DJ Fergie from Britain was supposed to be on the decks at Code in Shinjuku. But he doesn't show up probably because of SARS. Damn it!

When we get bored with house music, we leave the club and go to a karaoke box. Unlike in London, we've got no night bus in Tokyo. So we need to kill the time until the first train around half past four in the morning. (For Hanh and Hang, karaoke is much more fun than clubbing, though.) It's been more than four years since the last time I went to karaoke. I try to sing some English songs, but I can't. Singing in English without practice is totally impossible...

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