Friday, March 09, 2007

How to Write a Press Release of Your Empirical Economics Research

Based on my analysis of a successful example of RES Media Briefings. (Her research was featured in many major UK newspapers.)

1. The first paragraph begins with a general sentence on the main finding of the research, followed by another sentence repeating the same finding but in a more specific way. The first paragraph must be self-contained: "if you took away all the paragraphs except the first, the press release should still make sense." (Romesh Vaitilingam, RES Media Consultant)

2. The second paragraph states additional important findings.

3. The third paragraph introduces a bit of details on the data used (e.g. what survey is used, who answers the survey, when the survey is conducted, how many respondents the survey obtain) and what you actually investigate. But do not describe these too precisely. Keep the paragraph short.

4. Then restate the main finding with details including the magnitude of the effect, for whom the effect is larger, etc.

5. Restate the additional important findings mentioned in the second paragraph. Introduce some less important (but still interesting) findings.

6. Mention some theoretical arguments explaining the results, if any.

7. Mention the methodological innovation (ie. identification strategy) in an accessible way.

8. Conclude with a couple of policy implications of your findings.

Also see Mankiw's writing guideline.

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