Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Looking for a flat

My job search is over today. I thought now I could get relieved from all the stress.

No, I can't.

This morning a letter from my landlord arrives, asking me to move out in a month's time. I only need to stay in London for six months more (until the end of August). I will negotiate with my landlord, but chances are slim.

So I'm still too busy to update this blog. If you live in London and have a bedroom available or know someone looking for a tenant/flatmate, please let me know. This is an absolute headache as I'm rather picky: I need broadband, a rice cooker, a washing machine and a dryer, a spacious kitchen, a supermarket nearby with decent whole milk on sale, less than 40 minutes from LSE, and a nightbus from central London (to enjoy the last six months in London). Given my experience of student flat hunting a few years ago, this is a tall order. The current place has these all except for decent milk nearby.

You may want to know what my new job is. No I won't tell you. I will start a retrospective job-search blog after I move, without telling you the final outcome. So you will experience the whole uncertainty that I faced by reading it. Isn't this a good idea?


your ex-student at Yale said...

I'll be the first on your blog to congratulate you then! You know the rumor mills are churning, so I have a pretty decent idea as to where you're moving... and if I'm right, it's MUCH colder there, but with all the babes :).

Now that you'll be making the $$, surely I can expect to see you soon in our part of the world :).

Great work!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Masa, from a long-time reader of your blog and fellow economics PhD student...

Anonymous said...

Start the blog now!!