Thursday, October 05, 2006

Talking to Seminar Speakers Invited to LSE

Oriana emails me and Paolo (one of my fellow job market candidates), suggesting talking to a seminar speaker for LSE/UCL Growth & Development Seminar next Monday. I thought he wouldn't be interested in my job market paper. But Oriana says it is very useful for job market candidates "to get comments and to practice exposing your ideas in a short span of time." She's right. During the course of the job market process, you will have many opportunities to talk to other economists briefly on your research, either at job interviews or at informal conversations to faculty members during campus visits. This will happen even if your conversation partner has no interest in your research. So we should prepare for that.

Various job market guides recommend getting to know what kind of research the economists you will meet have done in the past before doing job interviews etc. So I will do it for next Monday's seminar speaker.

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