Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Revision again, Introduction of the paper, LSHTM lecture

Email my supervisor and Tim if they want to read the current version of the paper or a version after another round of revision to incorporate Robin's comments. Both say they wait for another round of revision. So I start doing it.

As I have difficulty writing the introduction section, I ask my supervisor (when I bump into him) for any suggestion. He recommends this book (and here's some background of the book).

Attend the first of LSHTM's public health lecture series titled "Public Health and Millenium Development Goals". The lecturer mentions one interesting study: a randomized trial in Tanzania that shows the significant effect of matching the burden of diseases and the allocation of financial resources on child death. This implies that even without an increase in funding there is room for child health improvement. That might have been what happened after democratization in Africa.

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