Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Prepare my CV as Mark, our job placement administrator, asks job market candidates at LSE to submit one by midday tomorrow. He gave us a template CV, so it is rather easy as I only need to fill blanks. However, difficulty lies in "Works In Progress" section as I need to explain such works briefly. This takes a lot of time. Especially, two of them are joint works with Tim. So I email him if he thinks I should include them as "works-in-progress" on my CV.

An important item on CV is "Desired Teaching and Research Fields" (Hall 2001). According to Noll (2005, pp.12-15), "[y]our primary ... fields are the areas in which you do research and would advise graduate students; your secondary fields are those that you have the qualifications and interest to teach." A consensus recommendation on this seems to be to "define fields broadly". Noll (2005) also recommends consulting your advisers about your field choices. So I will when I talk to Maitreesh about which level and type of schools to apply tomorrow.

Cawley (2006, p.7)'s recommendations on CV are:
1. "The date your CV was revised should appear somewhere on the document."
2. "Keep detailed lists of every presentation, every award and grant you receive, and the journals for which you have refereed." (So I include a presentation at University of Essex last March.)
3. "[L]ist a phone number at which you can be reached if prospective employers wish to interview you. Make sure that you list a number connected to voice mail or an answering machine. If you list a phone number associated with an office used by a large number of graduate students you may fail to receive some messages." (So I put my mobile number instead of a shared phone number at STICERD.)


Receive email from Tim, answering my question on whether I should apply for political science departments: "I doubt that you want to try to break into the pol sci scene. It is very difficult and I doubt that you would share many common interests."

Receive email from my supervisor and we arrange our meeting tomorrow to discuss which school to apply.

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