Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Revise the introduction, the conclusion, and the abstract, by following commnets from my supervisor and Oriana.

As asked by Tim, I put the printed copy of the paper into his mail box in Sticerd.

Prepare the submission of the job market paper to the Moriguchi prize. This has nothing to do with the job market, though.

Email my supervisor with the revised version of the job market paper.

Bump into Robin at the Sticerd communal area. Ask him if he wants to see the list of schools to apply. His answer is yes. Email him with the Excel sheet of the list. He also says he hasn't read my revised job market paper. I ask him to download the latest version of the paper from my website. So I email him with the paper address as well.

Check application deadlines for all places to apply. Most schools (17 in total) set November 15 as their deadline, one school November 4 (which later turns out to be a typo), one school November 13, three November 17, one November 20, one November 22, three November 24, one November 25, one November 27, one November 28, one November 29, four November 30, fourteen December 1, five during December, three during January, eight does not specify, one says immediately, six says until positions are filled.

Email Mark about transcripts. Five schools require transcripts including one school that demands the submission of a transcript in the PDF format.

The "online application" madness certainly reduces the efficiency of organizing applications for job market candidates. When it comes to reference letters, two schools only accept letters that are uploaded on the webpage. At one school, the reference writer needs to know a candidate's "access code". The other school requires a referree to enter his/her "referee code" which is emailed when an applicant enters their email address online. Another school accepts letters only via email. I need to discuss my referees' assistants on how to deal with these.

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