Monday, July 24, 2006

This is a life in London.

After almost four years of living in London, I'm no longer surprised by most inconveniences repeated in this city. No matter how many times London Underground causes delays and suspensions, no matter how many times supermarkets sell broken eggs on the shelf, no matter how many times I hear London's running water is wasted by leaking water pipes, no matter how many times LSE's Research Lab lift has a fault, I no longer get upset.

But this time, I'm a bit upset. I noticed my home phone has been quiet recently. I thought maybe something was wrong with my phone equipment. So I called my home number from my mobile handset. No sound from the home phone. A message of answering machine came into my ear through my mobile a few seconds later.

I then checked if my home phone was capable of making a phone call. I called my mobile number. My mobile rang. So it worked.

I picked up my mobile, seeing an unfamiliar number showing up on display.


I called this number back from my mobile phone.

My home phone rang!

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