Saturday, July 08, 2006

Black Buddafly ft. Fabolous - "Bad Girl"

Not again. Every time I like some tune played on BBC 1Xtra and try to legally download it at Napster or iTune, it's not available.

This time, it's a tune titled "Bad Girl" by Black Buddafly featuring Fabolous. It's been at least two months since I first heard this track on 1Xtra. So it should be about the time for it to be released. According to Black Buddafly's website, it was released last February. It doesn't seem to be the case in the UK, however. As you can't buy tracks at Napster USA or iTune USA with a credit card issued by UK banks, I can't download it legally. This is why I stopped checking the latest pop music. In the end, I cannot consume it because of stupid Napster and iTune. Do you know any way to legally download music tracks that are only released abroad?


I like the chorus of this track. The lyrics turns out to be cheesy - "Ay if you feel me. Move wit me and don't stop. Put your hands up. Soon as the beat drops. Cuz usually I'm not like this but tonight. I'm a bad girl. I'm a bad girl. And tonight we gonna show u how we get down" (taken from this message board) - but it doesn't matter because I, as a Japanese, can't catch it at all anyway. But it's very rhythmical until the phrase "I'm a bad girl" in which Black Butterfly (I don't know who she is at all) sings melodiously. This contrast just does the thing to me.

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